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Welcome to the PTA Guide, a physical therapy assistant education & career resource. We have everything you need to become a licensed PTA in your state. A few of the helpful things that you'll find here are information resources by state such as tools and info on PTA Schools, PTA license requirements, PTA Jobs, PTA salary data for states & major cities.
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Apply to Win our Scholarship for PTAs

Happy Friday everyone! We are really excited today because we have a big announcement!

For the past couple of months, starting around the holidays last year, our team has been brainstorming ways we could give back to our audience of PTAs through our website. We realize that we already put a lot of time into the PTA Guide and provide a lot of great things to our readers, but now we wanted to give more than just accurate well researched information and interesting valuable physical therapy content. We weren’t sure exactly what we could offer that would be more valuable, so we took our time meeting for a couple months and kicking around all sorts of ideas.

We thought about things like:

  • Physical therapy equipment and gear giveaways
  • Discounts on fitness programs and facilities across the country
  • Video courses helping students through their PTA programs
  • Video courses helping job seekers find the perfect PTA Job

And then we got really crazy and thought that:

  • We wanted to give you CASH!

That’s right. Cold. Hard. Cash.

It’s simple really. I personally took out loans to pay my way through college, and I worked full time while studying. Looking back I wish I spent some time searching and applying for scholarships. When I brought this up in our meetings it was obvious that starting a scholarship program was the best thing we could offer our audience since most of our readers are looking into PTA programs and a career as a PTA. What better motivation to get started towards your career than a little financial investment in your education?

And sure enough, our Scholarship for Physical Therapist Assistants was created.

Applying is simple. Just answer our essay question with 500 – 1,000 words and email your answer to: [@]

The essay question is: How do you plan to better the world using your education and talents? What are your personal and career goals, and why?

For complete details regarding our new scholarship program for PTAs, like how to apply and improve your chances of winning, checkout the scholarship page.

If you’re reading this and a scholarship wouldn’t benefit you.. hang tight! We are going to come out with some other things from the list at the beginning of this post and more from our brainstorming, and we think you will like it 🙂

P.S. We also created some badges you can share on your website for readers to learn more and apply for our scholarship program 🙂


Just copy and paste this code where you want this banner to show up on your site (make sure whatever editor you paste into is set to html or text):

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

PTA-Scholarship-Program-Badge" width=Just copy and paste this html code where you want this badge to show up on your site (make sure whatever editor you paste into is set to html or text):

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

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