Physical Therapy Assistant Guide

Welcome to the PTA Guide, a physical therapy assistant education & career resource. We have everything you need to become a licensed PTA in your state. A few of the helpful things that you'll find here are information resources by state such as tools and info on PTA Schools, PTA license requirements, PTA Jobs, PTA salary data for states & major cities.
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Physical therapy students design vehicles for kids with developmental disorders

The Indiana University Doctoral Physical Therapy program achieved a wonderful feat of imagination and progression for children with developmental disorders that prevent them from walking or hinder their mobility. Using popular children's electric vehicles they re-designed the vehicles so that children with developmental disorders preventing them from walking could use the vehicles to get ... READ MORE

Apply to Win our Scholarship for PTAs

Happy Friday everyone! We are really excited today because we have a big announcement! For the past couple of months, starting around the holidays last year, our team has been brainstorming ways we could give back to our audience of PTAs through our website. We realize that we already put a lot of time into the PTA Guide and provide a lot of great things to our readers, but now we wanted to ... READ MORE

7 Myths About Physical Therapy

7 Common Physical Therapy Myths Physical therapy transforms the way that people live their lives every day. Because physical therapists are experts in how the body moves, their work restores and improves mobility, reduces pain, and creates the conditions for a more active life. However, common myths about physical therapy throw cold water on the idea of scheduling an appointment among many ... READ MORE

Physical Therapy Jobs: Descriptions & Video Overviews From Leading PTs

The Many Practices of Physical Therapy There are many different practice areas and types of jobs that physical therapists can work in. From private practice clinics, to sub-acute rehab, to elderly/nursing care, geriatric PT, cardiovascular PT, to on-site corporate PTs, to government service providers, to researchers, to traveling PTAs, I think you get the point.. Whether it is a niche type of ... READ MORE