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Physical therapist Bob Schrupp provides the top 3 physical therapy treatments you can do at home to treat a shoulder impingement.
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Is 5 pounds too much?

  2. what type of pain is typical? mine burns when i raise my arm up and behind my head.

  3. Karen Porter says:

    Thank you for your video, I have a question about the Seratis (sp) Anterior Punch Up exercise; please advise how many reps and sets it is for the 5th 'big 5'. Thanks.

  4. The Elusive says:

    I've been struggling with impingement for months, been on a break from working out for 2 months, came back to the gym and did some exercises and I can feel one of my shoulder already getting slightly painful and uncofortable. I'll try these exercise and hopefully it relieves me of this nagging, irritating problem… Thank you very much.

  5. Jason Burgar says:

    Question. Can shoulder impingement cause pain in the neck? I started with pain in the shoulder that was diagnosed as an impingement. That pain is pretty much gone, but I have constant pain in my neck on the same side as the injured shoulder. Would these exercises help the neck pain?

  6. Great vid. If the exercises are a little painful to do should I work through it or not do them?

  7. Hey Todd! Thanks for taking the time to make this video. In late April, I hurt my shoulder by messing up on the last rep of an overhead tricep extension with a dumbbell, and I had sharp shooting pains in my shoulder right after. I immediately went home after that and iced it. Since then, I've tried to lift but the pain comes back during my back work outs. This is getting very frustrating now, and I decided to take 3 weeks off (one left), and trying to lift again. Now, there's no pain but when I put my arms straight up, I feel some tightness in my right shoulder that isn't present in my left shoulder. Should I go back to lifting after the next week or keep waiting?

  8. Zachary Ragbir says:

    how many times per week should this be done?

  9. Hey todd, I've been trying to work with my minor posterior impingement. I've been doing bodybuilding for a few years now and I guess I'm starting to feel the effects now. Got a massage and it feels a little better. Should I keep doing the massages? 

  10. Dominic Daniel says:

    A.  This video is on point and my shoulder feels so much better.
    B.  Stephanie is gorgeous.

  11. you're the man

  12. pakelekia2552 says:

    Thank you so much!

  13. Nice job! Are you still alive? I'd love to see you put up some more videos. What I'd really like to see is a video on the do NOT do movements at the gym for someone like myself who had a  rotator cuff problem in the past and don't want to ever have the problem again.

  14. Do you know if fraying to the tissuse due to a shouler impingement can heal back to normal?

  15. khangaroo13 says:

    Hi Todd, tx for the vid!! Can I do all 5 exercises every day and what do you recommend to avoid an injury on the shoulder again. Ty

  16. David Burke says:

    MRI later this week also.

  17. David Burke says:

    Very helpful these. When I got injured first I looked up rotator cuff in youtube and found a whole load of exercises. However they were all aimed at prevention as opposed to cure and only served to make my injury worse. These exercises in your video seem almost innocuous but they are an excellent starting point with this type of injury. I picked up my injury playing tennis. 4 weeks now no hitting but only when i started these lighter exercises did I sense an improvement. Thank you for this.

  18. Erin and Steve Odom says:

    Thank you!

  19. I was in horrific pain. I was doing intense workouts then I had to stop. I was not able to move my shoulder for 3 days. Then I found this Vid. It helped me alot. Thanks 🙂 

  20. - Healthcare Videos and More! says:

    Just an excellent video. Shoulder impingement started for me a couple months ago due to heavy(ish) bench-type exercises and not enough stretching. Compared to other exercises/training these may seem a bit boring but oh so necessary! Just a few days of these exercises and sum serious stretching I definitely feel the difference. Todd when do you think its safe to go back to benching and regular shoulder workouts (with weights/pilates machine). Thank you again!

  21. Thanks?

  22. Adrian Verhalen says:

    Thanks bob! I watched a video that showed movements that mean you have impingement then you took out napoleon the skeleton and where you showed the impingement is where mine is at.! So that's awesome I figured out what was wrong now you've shown me exercises I can do to help the impingement on my right shoulder. I hurt it sitting on my side while watching the Republican debate just yesterday . Right after I got back from the gym doing flat flys which were foolish cause I know that they put alot of pressure on my shoulders so I know what caused it and now kno how to fix it, so thaks for the videos you helped me alot! Also how long does it take for something like this to heal or for it to correct itself

  23. Thank you, Bob. Very clear instructions. I have been diagnosed with shoulder impingement , and I will try these exercises.

  24. Travis Moyer says:

    Great video! I am scouring the internet looking for shoulder tips. Just got an MRI because I thought I might have a rotator cuff tear but the three impressions from the reading were: Supraspinatus insertional tendinosis, Subacromial/subdeltoid bursitis and Acromioclavicular joint arthropathy with inferior spurring. Will this help with these issues and what should I avoid doing for a bit till things clear up? The worst move right now is anything going to overhead with elbow out to the side (i.e. snatches in weight lifting). If my elbow is in tight to the body, no problem. TIA!

  25. vel ezpeleta says:

    hi sir bob..i fell in a i got it x-ray..its normal..but when i move my right arm up it hurts…its almost 3weeks..

  26. vel ezpeleta says:

    hi sir bob..i fell in a i got it x-ray..its normal..but when i move my right arm up it hurts…its almost 3weeks..

  27. Matrix Hands says:

    when you push down on the counter top …are you supposed to contract your muscles on the back where the scapula is or the top of you shoulder where it feels like your Bones are being pulled. .. please let me know.. because I can manipulate it both ways.. I don't want to do it the wrong way

  28. Matrix Hands says:

    I have a Subacromial impingement.. if I do these exercises everyday.. how long do you think until I have no more impingement??

  29. Lonnie Rakusin says:

    Bob, thanks so much . You won't believe this, all I had to do was move my laptop over and place a pillow under it. My shoulder is almost 100%, I'm about 75%. You're exercises are really great. I preferred them to the others I saw online because they were easy and made total sense.

    Best Regards

  30. YourGirl Nova says:

    I have 2 torn ligaments in my shoulder and we can't get into a physical therapy office anytime soon will this be okay to do?

  31. Lonnie Rakusin says:

    I've got Impingement Syndrome from overuse with the computer keyboard. Your exercises really help, however, when I use the keyboard on my laptop the pain comes right back. I'm right handed so I switched the mouse to my left hand which helps, I just don't know how to remedy the keyboard to make it more comfortable. Would it help if I got a detached keyboard? I have an online store so I have to use my arm. Please Help! Thanks!

  32. Bob. Nice Video. I lift weights and i think i hurt myself the other day after taking a week off. When I raise my arm over my head and them bend my elbow behind my head ( like im trying to scratch my back) I get this burning sensation in my shoulder. Its on the side, but a little more towards the back. Would this be considered shoulder impingement? I have no pain with any other movements.

  33. I tend to feel the pain in my shoulder when I externally rotate it (not a super bad pain, but it's there), would it still be ok to try the exercises that has you externally rotating your shoulder?

  34. Thank you for the great exercises!

    Just one question: my shoulder pops as I'm doing the raise exercise as I'm lowering my arm. There's no pain, just a pop and a bit of a crunching sound. Should I be concerned or is that normal?

  35. Diêgo S Gonsalves says:

    Great vídeos, thanks. My right shoulder had an anterior labrum repair surgery, a few years ago. Since then i've been working out – inconsistently – and I confess I didn't paid attention to rotator cuffs strenghtning. I'm feeling pain, especially after working out and I'm trying these exercises. I'm feeling pain the day after these exercises, only did one day, should I stick to ice for a while, before trying them? I believe what I have is what you called an impingiment. Really hope you answer, but thanks anyway for the vídeos. Maybe you can make a difference in the life of someone in a town in Brazil =]

  36. You Rock Bob!!!! Subbed

  37. David Yurchuk says:

    Thanks, Bob!

  38. Thank you sir. I feel much much better even after three days. 

  39. Hey Bob,
    This treatment has done wonders, I barley feel my Impingement .  Thanks so much for sharing this. it really has helped, i can sleep again!!!

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