Physical Therapy Assistant Guide

Welcome to the PTA Guide, a physical therapy assistant education & career resource. We have everything you need to become a licensed PTA in your state. A few of the helpful things that you'll find here are information resources by state such as tools and info on PTA Schools, PTA license requirements, PTA Jobs, PTA salary data for states & major cities.
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We Compiled the Average PTA Salary by State

Well, since we launched the website back in March we have been really busy and haven’t made any content updates in some time. Recently we had some time to analyze which pages our visitors have been most interested in and it turns out quite a few of you have been searching for how much a PTA salary is. So, we decided to update our website’s content by adding PTA salary by state data and PTA salary data for major cities.

  • In an attempt to make researching PTA salaries by state, and major city, faster and more effective we compiled state by state PTA salary data into an easy to read table of data. Checkout the table of average PTA salaries by state here.
  • To see some additional detail behind each state, and to learn the median PTA salary in each state’s major cities, click the state names in the far left hand column of the table. This will then show 15 major cities’ average PTA salaries for the state you clicked on.

We hope this information is easily accessible and helps our users find the information they are looking for while researching a career as a physical therapist assistant.


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