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WOW #11: Burpee Workout


Work Out Wednesday #11 – Burpee Exercises

Burpees are a fun and challenging full body movement that offer a total body workout. Any physical therapy clinics that offer athletic and fitness training will include burpees as a part of their exercise routines. When performing burpees you will be targeting your pectorals, deltoids, glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, and core. There are also a number of burpee variations that you can try that will provide slightly different results.

In addition to working out your entire body when doing burpees you will be improving your flexibility and mobility. Regularly practicing burpees will build strength, endurance, and explosive power as well. As a PTA working with athletes it is important to teach them how to do burpees properly and how they can improve their athletic performance. So, today lets watch some videos that teach us how to do burpees, the benefits of burpees, some burpee variations and a great burpee workout challenge.

How to do burpees & avoid common injuries

This video teaches you the basic burpee movement and how to execute it properly to avoid injury.

20 Burpee Variations

This video explains 20 different burpee variations you can try.

The 100 burpee workout challenge

Try this 100 burpee workout challenge for an intense full body workout.

Burpees are an awesome total body workout. This movement can help athletes build muscle, strength, power, flexibility, and mobility. Burpees are a must for physical therapist assistants creating programs for athletes. Regardless of the sport, burpees will improve athletic performance. Just make sure to teach your patients the proper burpee form to avoid injury.

Have you tried burpees? Do you tell your therapy patients to do burpees? If so, tell us about it in the comments below! 🙂

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