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WOW #14: Toes to Bar Workout


Work Out Wednesday #14 – Toes to Bar Exercise

Toes to bar are a great movement for athletes to learn, so PTAs working with athletes should be teaching their patients how to properly perform the toes to bar exercise. Toes to bar will help athletes gain more overhead shoulder mobility and strength, as well as increased core strength and improved hip mobility. Overall it is a terrific exercise that all athletes should be able to perform.

That being said, toes to bar are an advanced movement that primarily only experienced athletes will be able to perform. There are slightly easier versions of the toes to bar exercise for people with less strength to learn how to do.

How to do toes to bar strict and kipping

This video teaches you how to do strict toes to bar and how to do kipping toes to bar.

How to learn and master the toes to bar movement

This video teaches you the basic toes to bar movement using kipping as you get started and gradually master the strict toes to bar movement.

The toes to bar movement is a great exercise for physical therapy assistants to teach their athletic patients. Athletes can improve their overhead mobility and strength while also strengthening their core and improving hip mobility.

Have you tried toes to bar? Do you tell your physical therapy patients to do toes to bar? If so, tell us about it in the comments below! 🙂

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