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WOW #15: Kettlebell or Dumbbell Snatch Workout


Work Out Wednesday #15 – Kettlebell or Dumbbell Snatch Exercise

Nowadays most people don’t need complete overhead shoulder mobility. So, this movement is lost as our bodies adapt to not using it. In order to keep overhead shoulder mobility you must nourish the movement. You may not even realize how much mobility you have lost, many people don’t.

This can be a problem when you first start out doing overhead snatches. In fact, the following exercises all require overhead shoulder mobility and thus need to be approached cautiously overhead snatches, toes to bar, pull ups, wall ball, handstand push up, overhead press, thruster, and more. It is important to master these movements with low weight resistance and then work your way up over time to avoid too much strain on your shoulders resulting in injury. You also must start out performing a lower number of reps and then work your way up over time.

Applying the Overhead Snatch to Physical Therapy

The overhead snatch, when done with kettlebells or dumbbells, is a great exercise for improving overhead shoulder mobility, strength, and flexibility. Our daily lives don’t require much overhead shoulder mobility, and when not used we lose this ability. It is amazing how many people don’t even realize how limited their overhead shoulder mobility has become.

How to do an overhead kettlebell snatch

In this video watch a physical therapist show how to do an overhead kettlebell snatch properly.

Quick intense kettlebell overhead snatch circuit workout

This video teaches a quick but intense workout which is great for when you don’t have much time to workout. Learn how to master overhead kettlebell snatches by doing this kettlebell snatch workout regularly.

4 ways to improve overhead shoulder mobility

In this video, Physical Therapist Mike Reinolds teaches 4 ways to improve overhead shoulder mobility.

Overhead kettlebell snatches are an explosive full body movement that will help you build overhead shoulder mobility. It is a great movement to master and physical therapy assistants should be teaching their athletic patients how to do overhead snatches properly.

Related: Checkout another great overhead shoulder mobility exercise we covered: dumbell thrusters.

Have you tried overhead snatches? Do you tell your physical therapy patients to do overhead snatches? If so, tell us about it in the comments below! 🙂

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