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WOW #8: Pull Up Workout


Work Out Wednesday #8 – Pull Up Exercise

Pull ups are a really great upper body workout that will target your latissimus dorsi or lats as well as your core, shoulders, and biceps. Pull ups are compound exercises, meaning they us multiple muscle groups to perform the movement. Compound exercises are great for building strength and flexibility in multiple muscle groups at one time. They train your body to use its muscles together the way it was designed to function. Compound exercises are essential for building muscle as well.

Pull ups are a convenient exercises as you only need a pull up bar to do them and get a really great workout in quickly. Not only do pull ups build strength and flexibility, but pull up workouts offer good cardiovascular exercise as well. There are many variations of pull ups that you can do to target different muscles and meet different strength, flexibility, mobility, and cardio goals. So, pull ups offer a versatile range of results for athletes.

Without further ado, lets learn how to perform a pull up, how to complete your first pull up, and some pull up variations and workouts to try.

How to do a basic pull up

This video explains and demonstrates how to properly perform a basic pull up. So, sit back and learn how to do a pull up in 2 minutes.


How to do your first pull up for beginners

Ready to try a pull up? This video gives instruction for doing your first pull up.

10 Pull Up Exercises and a Beginner Pull Up Workout

Completed your first pull up? Great. Now it is time to try some different pull up variations in this complete pull up workout for beginners.

There you have it, some great pull up workouts. Pull ups are great for athletes to build upper body grip strength, and pulling strength. Pull ups also increase flexibility and mobility throughout your core and upper body. So, if you are a physical therapist assistant working with athletes, make sure to teach them how to do a pull up properly and how to incorporate pull ups into their training.

Have you tried pull ups? Do you tell your therapy patients to do pull ups? If so, tell us about it in the comments below! 🙂

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