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WOW #9: Slam ball Workout


Work Out Wednesday #9 – Slam Ball Exercise

Quickly after learning some slam ball workouts they became my favorite. Slam balls are straight up fun to workout with. You get to slam balls on the ground as hard as you can. Doing slam ball throws will also offer you a full body workout that increases strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Athletes should practice slam ball exercises to build strength and endurance in their legs, core, shoulders, biceps, triceps and back. There are a number of ways to use slam balls, so we will watch a few videos today to get some slam ball workout ideas.

How to do medicine ball slams, or slam balls

This video teaches you the basic overhead slam movement that can be done with a medicine ball or a slam ball.

Full body slam ball workout

This video teaches a full body workout using nothing but a slam ball.

Slam Balls for PTAs

Physical therapist assistants working with athletes should teach them how to properly use slam balls. There are many great benefits to using slam balls, and athletes will become more flexible, mobile, and strong from regularly performing slam ball workouts. But even for non-athletes there are many overhead exercises that can be done with slam balls to increase overhead shoulder mobility which most people need to improve. Most slam ball exercises also help increase mobility, strength and flexibility throughout your core.

Have you tried slam ball workouts? Do you tell your therapy patients to use slam balls? If so, tell us about it in the comments below! 🙂

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