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Physical therapy students design vehicles for kids with developmental disorders

Indiana University #PT Students create #physicaltherapy vehicles for disabled #children.
The Indiana University Doctoral Physical Therapy program achieved a wonderful feat of imagination and progression for children with developmental disorders that prevent them from walking or hinder their mobility.

Using popular children’s electric vehicles they re-designed the vehicles so that children with developmental disorders preventing them from walking could use the vehicles to get around. But that isn’t all the vehicles do, they require the riders to correct or rehab their developmental disorders in order to function. The project is part of the GoBabyGo@IU student organization and it has required a joint effort between the PT and Engineering students.

The vehicles are designed to fit the child’s specific physical therapy needs to strengthen their weaknesses.

“We made the vehicle so that she has to lean forward in order to not turn the engine of the vehicle off. So she has to lean forward she has to sit up tall and activate both of the switches in order to make the vehicle go,” said Sara David, Wayne Township physical therapist.

Here watch this video to see how Ashlynn is getting around these days with her new vehicle:

And here is the promotional video for the GoBabyGo@IU Project. The goal is to create cost effective therapeutic devices for children with disabilities.

Donations can be made to the GoBabyGo@IU physical therapy fund, just click this link and then select physical therapy, and then select “Go-Baby-Go Physical Therapy Fund”.

What a great PT program! We love seeing innovative solutions in physical therapy. Is your PT program or clinic offering unique PT solutions? Tell us about them in the comments below! 🙂

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